Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Series #1 - JUNE is all about the FELLAS

A Man's Perspective on Dating in 2014

1. Who are you?

Mark Williams, Science Fiction Author

2. Relationship Status:


3. Age:


4. What do you like about dating?

I have always liked meeting new people. The standard date to me is a way for me and my date to get to know one another in a low pressure environment.  

5. What are you Top 3 Worst dates?

The one thing that all my worst dates have in common is where there has been little to no communication. A date where too people are too involved with an activity, like say a movie or a sports event is not to me a good first date but of course there are exceptions to the rule. I want conversation, but then I don't want to have to do all the talking or carrying the conversation. I am a self admitted talker and could just go on and on about all kinds of things but if my date cannot hold up her end of the conversation then I get bored. A woman has to know how to stimulate my mind first. And I don't mean she has to be some intellectual giant or rocket scientist. She should just be confident about herself and whatever it is she likes and be prepared to discuss it.

6. What are 4 or 5 things you like to do on a date?

Over my life I have developed a system that I have found to be rewarding and very successful. The first date I go on with any woman is usually a light coffee meeting; we go to a coffee house during an afternoon so she can still make plans that evening. I don't mind if she double books in this case because I feel that a lady should have choices and competition is healthy. That lets me know I can't just sit there like a bump on a log.

The coffee date is also good because we get to see if we like what we see and hear.  The drawback to this approach is that sometimes a woman will think you're cheap. My answer to that is if that is the assumption she is going to make well then too bad. Usually the second date is where I take her to a fine dinner, a movie(or a show) capped off with a late night drink or ice cream run. Often times I will ask her what she wants to do just see if we are even on the same page because I never go on a first date activity to just to please somebody. We both have to be into the activity.  

7. do you think spending money is necessary for a date to be awesome(why or why not?)

It depends. Many of the things I like to do requires money so while its not 100% necessary chances are you're going to wind up spending some money at some point for the evening. I have found that the average date costs someplace between $75-$150 with $75 being on the cheap side.

8. Are you opposed to a woman paying for you on occasion? Why or Why not?

Depends on the woman. Some feminists are adamant about paying their own way and there is nothing wrong with that but I'm perfectly comfortable with paying.

9. Do you believe a man should pay on the first date?

Yes. But I can be flexible if the lady in question wants to make it an issue.

10. What are you top 5 dates and why?

Let me tell you what my idea of a perfect first date(I pay for everything, and have planned the date with prior input); We meet late on a Saturday afternoon and have light cocktails for about an hour, then we go to a nice dinner-often I prefer Italian, then depending on mood and schedule we go see a movie or a play that we have both agreed to see. Afterwards we have a night cap at a bar near the even. Then I take her home and get a good night kiss. I have a steadfast rule about sex on the first date; don't do it. There's time enough for that. Sometimes a woman might initiate something intimate so you have to be careful not to insult her when you tell her that yes you are attracted to her and that next time if she wants you to come inside her home you would be delighted.

11. If you are single what is your purpose in dating?

Right now I just like keeping my dating skills sharp; flirting and conversation are two things I love. Sex is nice but its not my primary motivation. I enjoy relationships but I also realize that I am not ready to be in a serious one right now and try to be as upfront with that as possible. I guess I date to have fun mostly. I am of the mind that if I make a good and true impression on a date she will go out with me again and put me on her list of potentials. If not well then its her loss.  

12. What would you like to see happen in the 2014 dating scene?

More honesty from all parties involved.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Women's Sexuality - ft. Poet Mo Piquette

I take great issue with double standards, as well as how women are often bashed for being sexual.... yet aren't we all sexual beings?  My reasons may be different from yours, you may not think about it at all..... yet we are inundated with ideas about how to be daily.  We are objectified, sexualized, and then penalized when we express ourselves.  

I heard a beautiful piece by a brilliant poet/writer/actress Mo Piquette, on women's sexuality.  It moved me and I hope that it moves you as well.  

The Line We Walk  by Mo Piquette

A woman’s sexuality
It can bring a room to silence
Bring some to their knees
Leads many to claim love
For just a touch,
A taste,
A moment,
To share,
To experience
The energy.
So powerful
So powerful, that society says we empower.
We empower
By simply allowing a touch.
See, society gives them credit
Holes in their belt,
Each time
Each time?
Powerful me…?
Just for sharing
A moment,
I choose to give.
An act of love
For an hour
A night
Months to come
Damn, if lucky…
A lifetime of good (fucks)
A beautiful gift,
Too often unrecognized
But that’s okay
That’s not how this powers defined.
It’s in us
It’s up to us
We define it in our walk.
We define it in our talk.
We share it in our gift to give,
Give yourself as you wish,
As your heart may desire,
But check with self
Take time to look in that mirror
Find respect?
A respect you define with a love for self
A love for the gift we were given
The blessing to walk this line
A line that doesn’t divide a right from a wrong
But it is there to guide us,
To remind us
We are strong
We are powerful
We are women.

©2013  Mo Piquette

Maureen Piquette

Producer of Art Collective 'Tard and Feathered' (events and publication)

Represented by:
Manager- Brava Entertainment
Agent- Nancy Chaidez Agency