Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Celebrate a Man today.

I can celebrate men every day, in fact I do....whether it is my brother, my business associate, a stranger I am admiring, a friend, or a man of interest.  Simple celebrations go a long way, they are like love deposits and men NEED love deposits.... those moments I recognize and ACKNOWLEDGE an act of provision, or generosity, or kindness or even better when that man champions a request.  I acknowledge every detail of it. I love watching a man's chest explode while he stands a little taller.  His whole energy and vibration increase.  It's beautiful to watch and experience.  So LADIES, when a man tells you you're beautiful, holds a door open for you, or steps up to bat and champions your request....go on and shower that man with acknowledgment, praise, affection.  Unknowingly, you participate in creating a synergy that overcomes negative forces.  Celebrate a man today.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Understanding & Celebrating Our differences

I took on the quest of understanding men about 2 years ago, through PAX Programs.  The subject mater blew my mind and opened my heart.  I "knew" men and women were different, however, I did not really "know" or understand our differences; nor did I know what makes our differences special and worth celebration.  I highly recommend PAX programs to everyone I meet, men and woman alike. Especially single people.  Women easily mistake his silence for not caring and so many other things that we would never do to one of our friends.

Our differences not only lie in men and women, they also have so much to do with our hormonal make-up - masculine and feminine energy.  Many, many, many dating and relationship coaches touch on these subjects.  Why? because they are imperative for our well-being and reaching our greatest desire to create partnership with that person we choose to love.  For the purpose of this blog, I am only touching on PAX Programs.  I will recommend other courses and organizations that I hold in high regard in following blogs.  For now, its PAX Programs, founded by Alison Armstrong.  I love this woman.  She is a great example of what a matriarch looks like.  Her essence is undeniable, she is feminine, she is generous, she clearly adores men (all men in her life)  I have learned so much about honoring men from her and her associates.  I have learned to celebrate men.  Despite a few less than memorable experiences in life that caused me to look at men sideways, I have been able to see to the heart of men through this work.  (*please note there is a disclaimer that this relates to Healthy men).  I have hope that I too can create a deep, loving, meaningful partnership with a man where my needs are met and he feels and knows he is my champion.  I'm not sure I had that before, even as a christian single woman.  I did not have the understanding.  I won't journey down that path for now.  Although, one of my favorite proverbs has to do with "seeking understanding".  I have found in my life that seeking understanding (in all matters) makes a huge difference.

Not only do I see to understand men (Ladies, those things that frustrate us to no end! - you feel me), I also seek to understand women, which is seeking to understand myself.  What makes me do what I do? Why are "feelings" a huge thing.  The findings are astounding and beautiful.  I have grown in my love for myself and embraced my femininity because of this work.

Fellas, if you think your girl is crazy or she doesn't get you.....send her here.  I would also ask that you be willing to hear what she shares as she learns, and perhaps be open to learning some things too.  It's all for our benefit, mutually, and our edification. Cheers to Understanding & Celebrating our Differences.  Cheers to Partnership!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Perfect Gentleman (Part1)

What makes a perfect gentleman? I can't help but think of the incredible men I know who exude "gentlemen".  They keep their word.  If keeping it isn't possible, they acknowledge it, then get back into agreement.  They make sure the people in their vicinity are well cared for.  Example: My boy & I meet in Downtown LA to shop for items for an upcoming trip of his.  He is visiting from Vegas.  It's hot, by my Cali standards.  He asked me 3 different times if I was okay, or if I needed anything.  Additionally, when we went to get water, he took care of me. Yes, he paid.  I could have afforded it myself, yet that wasn't the issue.  He wanted to take care of me.  No love interest here, just good friends.  What he won, was my respect and complete adoration.  Comments/Suggestions/Opinions?  (all welcomed)