Sunday, March 9, 2014

Women's Sexuality - ft. Poet Mo Piquette

I take great issue with double standards, as well as how women are often bashed for being sexual.... yet aren't we all sexual beings?  My reasons may be different from yours, you may not think about it at all..... yet we are inundated with ideas about how to be daily.  We are objectified, sexualized, and then penalized when we express ourselves.  

I heard a beautiful piece by a brilliant poet/writer/actress Mo Piquette, on women's sexuality.  It moved me and I hope that it moves you as well.  

The Line We Walk  by Mo Piquette

A woman’s sexuality
It can bring a room to silence
Bring some to their knees
Leads many to claim love
For just a touch,
A taste,
A moment,
To share,
To experience
The energy.
So powerful
So powerful, that society says we empower.
We empower
By simply allowing a touch.
See, society gives them credit
Holes in their belt,
Each time
Each time?
Powerful me…?
Just for sharing
A moment,
I choose to give.
An act of love
For an hour
A night
Months to come
Damn, if lucky…
A lifetime of good (fucks)
A beautiful gift,
Too often unrecognized
But that’s okay
That’s not how this powers defined.
It’s in us
It’s up to us
We define it in our walk.
We define it in our talk.
We share it in our gift to give,
Give yourself as you wish,
As your heart may desire,
But check with self
Take time to look in that mirror
Find respect?
A respect you define with a love for self
A love for the gift we were given
The blessing to walk this line
A line that doesn’t divide a right from a wrong
But it is there to guide us,
To remind us
We are strong
We are powerful
We are women.

©2013  Mo Piquette

Maureen Piquette

Producer of Art Collective 'Tard and Feathered' (events and publication)

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