Monday, December 9, 2013

Keep Calm & Go on a Date

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are remaining calm through this last month of 2014.   Holidays can be torture for the Single person. They are LOUD reminders that you, my friend, are alone.  In addition to the "alone" factor, December can be stressful for lots of people. The idea of spending money on gifts for family and co-workers and the seventeenth holiday party you are attending before the holiday is even here, stresses many people out.

I am here to simplify the dilemma & relieve you of the stress that chaos creates.  Your health matters.
Studies show that laughter is good medicine. It relieves stress and hits that happy hormone square in the face.

Make the most of this holiday season... no matter if the date you choose is a romantic interest or not, HAVE FUN!  Your long-time friend Sally may not meet your chemistry requirements, but if you two get along and have fun, then invite her on a friendly date. ENJOY YOURSELVES.  LIFE is too short.

If you are looking for a date to accompany you to ice skate and sip hot cocoa.... well, set your intentions.  We know so little about how that thing will manifest itself into our life.  Yet when we believe its possible.....

Be open to getting to know people.....when we are open to being loved, love finds us.  Its natural.

Here are a few low cost date ideas to do on a friendly date or a romantic date:

1).  Serve the homeless together
2). Go to the Library, pick out a book for one another.
3). Go to an open mic
4). Go Caroling
5). Get hot cocoa and look at the Holiday Lights around your neighborhood
6). Play a board game while sipping hot cocoa
7). Make someone dinner
8). Write each other a poem over dinner

Whatever you do, Keep Calm..... Go on a Date..... and remember LIFE IS A GIFT.

Much love and Aloha

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